Before you do anything else, remember: It’s about your brand.

Many of today’s “new agencies” talk only about the constant amount of content that needs to be flowing to social media outlets.  Many companies follow suit, adding “engaging” content that has very little to do with what the business is actually about.   But how many of those companies “think before they post?”

For any business entity, it’s always been about placing your brand, and your products or services, in front of your customers.   It used to be that the common outlets to promote your goods and services were television and radio (where I come from), print and direct mail.  Today, we have a whole list of new outlets.   Specifically, we use inbound marketing techniques to place the solutions you offer in front of your customers, when and where they are looking for answers.

When is the last time you thought about the message your brand is sending?

At Quartzlight, this is our creed: The core marketing concepts are the same, only the outlets are different.