Quartzlight Marketing Solutions

 Marketing that focuses on getting you customers, building your brand, and growing your business via new inbound strategies.

Website Transformation Packages, SEO Breakthrough Packages, Custom Marketing Strategies, Malware Hack Cleanup.  Marketing services for small businesses.

Inbound marketing has taken the place of most of traditional outbound marketing.  Used to be, we’d shoot a tv commercial and broadcast it (outbound) to everyone and hope somebody was listening.  Today, it’s about placing your solutions – your products and services – where your new and existing customers are looking.  Much of these new marketing strategies rely on placement of content on your website; some is via social media.

There are plenty of agencies out there that focus mostly on scheduling posts to social media.  This is only one small part of the equation!  It still reverts back to your brand, your products or services, and your customers.  This is quartzlight: filling the niche between core marketing that focuses on your brand, your products and your customers and markets to them via the new inbound strategies.

Now let’s talk about SEO, or search engine optimization.  It used to be that you could hire someone to pad your website with keywords in an effort to boost your page in search results.  Not anymore.  In the last six months, Google has changed their algorithms significantly.  If your pages are loaded with worthless content, your rankings will drop.  quartzlight marketing can help your business focus back on your brand, products and services, and customers.  We are current on the new, organic Google strategies that build a true online foundation of your business.

It’s not just about SEO.  It’s about marketing.  And, you need someone, an agency, that knows the difference.  Take a minute, fill in your name and email, and I will be happy to discuss a plan to build your business within your budget.