Malware Hack Cleanup

Hacker programing in technology enviroment with cyber icons andMalware hack cleanup is something that you hope you won’t ever need.  And, even though a website that has decent security, will not likely fall victim to a malware hack, it can happen to the best of websites.

Quartzlight is proud to say that we offer a service to clean the malicious code up!

We have the expertise to clean out our clients’ WordPress websites.

Our Malware cleanup program includes:

  • Clean publicly visible problems first, so your site is back online as quickly as possible.
  • Scan for malware on all pages and posts within the site, fixing and replacing pages as needed.
  • Folders, where malware problems are found, are expertly scanned by our staff and checked for rogue scripts and unauthorized content.
  • Security software is updated for additional security, or installed if needed. Additional measures include: stricter lockout policies, captchas and “off peak” hidden login pages.
  • Password restrictions for all administrative users.
  • Stricter permissions for all accessible folders

Minimum charge is $1350, contact us for details.