Website Checklist

The “must have” checklist for your website.   

Your website is the portal of your business, and an investment worth making.   

Here’s how to invest wisely:

  1. Stay away from “free” sites.  “Free” is not an investment.
  2. Have a clear logo/brand and objective. Is it clear who you are, and what you sell, or provide?  
  3. User friendliness. Sometimes called “UI” or “user interface”, you want your website to have a UI that is inviting and pleasing to your customer.  If you have ever tried to find something on a cluttered website, you understand what we are talking about here.  
    Here’s a free ebook that talks about good UI design: http://www.awwwards.com/web-ui-design-best-practices-free-ebook.html
  4. A front page that shows a simple message, call to action, and other basic info.  Some websites look like they are trying to put anything that anyone might want to know on the front page.  This will turn off many of your visitors.  Instead,
  5. Each page has it’s own message, that relates to the brand.
  6. Photos on your site illustrate the brand.
  7. Video clips if you have them.
  8. Links and feeds of your social media profiles.


Download the Website Checklist – Quartzlight Marketing: