Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.24.26 PMIf your WordPress website uses the Google Calendar Events plugin, you will be due for a very nice upgrade.  The new version is called, “Simple Calendar,” and is by Moonstone Media Group.

This nice upgrade uses the same Google Calendar feed as before, (in fact, the upgraded plugin seamlessly pulls content from that feed – provided you have updated Google Calendar Events to a relatively recent version.)

Simple Calendar example

Simple Calendar shown on the City of Mayflower website

Simple Calendar gives a little more flexibility when it comes to customizing the feed, most notably the heading colors, a “light” or “dark” option, and the ability to change time zone and date settings.

For our Quartzlight clients that are currently using Google Calendar Events, we will be upgrading to Simple Calendar in the near future.  A few websites will need to have a php upgrade as well.

More information is on the Simple Calendar site.  There is a pro version of the plugin as well; features like attendee rsvp and other cool perks are available with this upgrade, starting at just $39.

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