Don’t make these SEO mistakes:

Are you making any of these SEO mistakes?

  1. Assuming that simple keyword stuffing will bring your site to the top of page one in a search?
  2. Still padding your site with one-word keywords (and lots of them at that).
  3. Assuming that “if you build (your website), they will come,” without thinking about who you are trying to target.
  4. Not spending enough bandwidth (time and/or budget) on updating your site’s content and SEO?

Today’s search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t about just padding your site with several variations of keywords, and adding superfluous content.  In fact, with Google’s new algorithms, it might get you blacklisted. It’s about placing the solutions you offer in front of your potential customers in the places where they are searching. This is done through landing pages, proper keywords and a streamlined, user friendly, website.  All while keeping in mind the brand of your company and the services you offer.

Your website and brand can get so lost in the search results.  That’s why it is important to build out content that not only speaks to your customer, but gives them relevant, helpful information.

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